Value Added Services

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The Ultimate Merchant Advantage Program

Paper Supplies on Demand. And so much more!

Receive the newest, most enhanced paper, supplies and warranty program for your merchant account. This program is an opt-in service; speak with your local representative today and sign up to receive paper supplies, stickers, pole signs and more!


PCI Compliance and your Merchant Account

We don't put a price on your customers' card security... Neither should you.

PCI Compliance is a standard of security established for any business that processes credit cards. Whether you have a computerized POS system, process over a phone or a credit card terminal, or have an e-commerce website, PCI establishes a series of best practices and minimum security protocols that must be observed for your business type.

Epic Payment Systems, an industry leading payment processor and your trusted processing partner, has created a website to aid and assist you in becoming fully compliant with PCI DSS (Data Security Standard), no matter your business size, method of processing, or your past experience with PCI Compliance.

While we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve compliance with the PCI DSS, you don't have to! A quick 10-15 minute trip to our website will help you learn how to secure your cardholder data and safeguard your account against hefty fines and penalties.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance vs. Small Business Loans

Every business owner who has ever tried to get a business loan knows that it can be very difficult to convince a lending institution to approve an application for credit. The criteria is often more stringent than a personal loan and banks are often reticent against loaning money to a business that doesn't produce enough net income or have a long track record of borrowing and paying back such notes.

Epic Payment Systems can enable you to generate the working capital that your business needs for growth and success. Our funding partners work with merchants to purchase a preset amount of their Visa and MasterCard credit card receivables, infusing your business with the cash you require now while waiting several months or years for the funds to be paid back.

Take advantage of this unique funding opportunity today!

Electronic Payments Merchant Financing

Growing businesses need capital.

Grow your business the way you want with a loan that will boost cash flow like never before! Featuring a low fixed fee and convenient payback, this loan will help you stay ahead with the capital you need on terms that are simple and easy to understand.

Unlike traditional lending products and cash advance programs, Epic Payment Systems Financing provides a convenient, alternative financing solution at a low fixed fee. Qualified merchants can receive $10,000 - $2,000,000* in capital to finance business investments and pay back the loan over a one or two year period, reducing long-term debt commitments. Loan amounts are based on every credit and debit card charge. This means more receivables can be included in the calculation of your financing amount, enabling you to apply for a larger loan!

With more capital, your business can plan big and not worry about high loan rates. Plus, you have the option to renew the loan one year after initial disbursement, providing you with peace of mind before making future business investments.

*Final eligibility and loan amount will be based on a review of additional information submitted with the completed application. Additional Terms and Conditions apply.


With Epic Payments Systems Merchant Financing, your business will benefit from:

Simple Application
Easy application and approval process

Convenient Funding
Funds deposited directly into your bank account

Convenient Payback
Repayment withheld from ALL credit/debit card receivables

A Real Bank Loan
Not a cash advance

Merchant Support Center

Online Reporting provides every merchant with the most robust and feature-rich online reporting available, complete with real-time access to your batch and deposit information, statements, chargeback reporting, transaction data and a historical list of all transactions - all available 24/7!

User Friendly Interface

We understand that not all merchants are computer savvy. That's why we've developed the Merchant Support Center to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Every merchant will find our interface easy to navigate and utilize.

Complete Archive of Information

Epic Payment Systems archives merchant statements and transaction data, giving our accounts the most thorough online reporting available. If a batch or transaction is missing, you have the ability to search and download virtually any information regarding past processing activity into Excel format. Statements are archived in PDF format for the life of the account and are readily available at the click of a button!

Online Statements

End of month statements can be accessed in PDF format by all merchants and can be automatically emailed or faxed each month. Custom batch reports and data feeds are also available.

Free Setup

Enjoy another tool provided by Epic Payment Systems at no additional cost!